Interim professionals

Experienced professionals who can provide specific expertise and critical support when key roles are temporarily vacant

AIM has a broad base of professionals for all functions covering the end-to-end supply chain at the strategic executive, managerial, and operational levels.

Flexible Experts

Robust experience in the biopharma / life science industry with relevant educational backgrounds from B.Sc. to Ph.D.

Able to fill positions in leadership, planning, procurement, manufacturing, operations, supply chain management, logistics, and more.

Can cover positions that are temporarily vacant or provide additional capabilities when needed to improve vital parts of your organization.

The Right Fit

We understand the importance of “chemistry” between our professional and your organization. We believe in the right balance of people and processes to achieve success.

Thanks to the diversity of Interim Professionals in our portfolio, we usually succeed in finding people with the profiles that are best for your organization.


We aim to agree on a defined time frame with unambiguous targets and goals.

Regular evaluations involving the client, the Interim Professional, and a member of the AIM core team ensure top performance and client satisfaction throughout the assignment.


Supply Chain Development

Supply chain strategy, design, and implementation, particularly for start-up life science companies

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Strategic and tactical consulting to improve operations or tackle new supply chain challenges

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Maintenance Support

Post-launch supply chain operations and management support

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Interim Professionals

Experienced professionals who can provide specific expertise or leadership when critical roles are temporarily vacant

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My experience with AIM has been fantastic. They have a knowledge of the European and global market that is extensive from a supply chain standpoint…our relationship has been amazing.

Sage Therapeutics

(AIM’s) knowledge of Europe is great . They work with so many clients and have such a wide breadth of experience, that every new undertaking is something they’ve already gone through .”

Apellis Pharmaceuticals

We are very pleased with the performance of AIM and they have proven to be a major contributor to our European launch project.

GW Pharmaceuticals

AIM is a great resource for smaller companies…They’re extremely experienced and provide a lot of expertise.”


(AIM) are well experienced in supply chain…They have strong knowledge about regulatory requirements and guidelines and provide full support to a small pharmaceutical company.


(AIM) are industry experts…they know who the players are and the key success points in the industry.  They know what to look out for and have the experience you need.


AIM was selected to help define the supply chain strategy for Europe…and conduct the search, contracting, and implementation of a third party logistics partner (3PL).  AIM…has proven to be important for a successful launch of ZEJULA® and VARUBY® in the EU.

Tesaro (now part of GSK)

Our senior staff members had previous positive experiences with AIM…AIM did an excellent job and were highly capable to execute a successful launch…


We are a collaborative team of more than 50 supply chain experts.

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