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Who We Need

  • Experienced supply chain managers and experts in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science industries
  • Specialists in key areas such as packaging engineering, ERP implementation, and MPS planning

All team members must be:

  • Comfortable operating in multi-country /multi-cultural environments
  • Effective in entrepreneurial and fast-paced situations with strict deadlines (as a lot of our work involves building supply chains for start-up companies)
  • Flexible and dedicated with positive, team-centered attitudes

How We Operate

Our team of Supply Chain Professionals is not just a group of individuals who are executing their projects at their respective clients. We operate as a team where we support each other on a constant basis.

We have developed “playbooks” and guidelines sharing what we feel is important to execute a project successfully. But we always leave room for our individual Professionals to provide their own input and expertise because we feel a mix of the two yields the best possible outcome.

What We Offer

We strive to be a niche organization where everyone is rewarded based upon his or her input and contribution. We offer very attractive rates and a positive environment where working closely with a team of experts provides a positive spirit and energy. We have a constant stream of new and demanding projects, giving our Professionals bright long-term prospects at AIM.

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