As part of the entire Supply Chain our services also include procurement and manufacturing/operations.

One of our core activities is to provide supply chain expertise to (US, EU and Asian) start-up Life Science customers with a specialism to develop and create the entire Supply Chain & Operations infrastructure for companies launching their first product(s) in Europe.

Deep understanding of your specific business, repetitive experience and continuously gaining new insights in changing markets, help us to provide the best and tailored solutions for our customers.

Being a niche organisation, we remain extremely accessible, adaptive, responsive and hands-on. We are focussed on execution and results, we like to implement and embed best practices. Our commitment, enthusiasm and passion are the linking pin to deliver top-notch results.

Our industry specialists are highly capable and very experienced. We work with people who know when to think and when to act. People who have the education, the drive, the soft and hard skills to get a job done.

Please contact us for an appointment to learn more about our capabilities, experienced professionals and our tailor-made solutions.