Pathfinder is The Clearest Path to Success in Europe

Pathfinder is a suite of capabilities that Blue Matter (AIM’s parent company) and its partners offer to help biopharma companies enter European markets and succeed.

Why Is It Important?

European markets are highly attractive, but they’re complex with many potential pitfalls. When entering Europe, a company needs partners who know the landscape and can support it every step of the way to a successful launch.

Who needs It?

Biopharma companies that are:

  • Considering going into Europe
  • Entering European markets
  • Present in Europe and want to maximize their opportunities

What Does it do?

Blue Matter assesses the opportunity and provides strategic guidance. Working with a range of partners, Blue Matter also provides implementation support across each stage of market entry or expansion.

Pathfinder Services Overview

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Key Service Areas


  • Corporate and Portfolio Strategy
  • Opportunity Assessment & Valuation
  • Market Entry Strategy


  • Medical Landscape Assessment
  • Integrated Evidence Planning
  • KOL & Community Engagement Strategy


  • Market Access Landscape Assessment
  • Market Access & Pricing Strategy
  • Value Communication and Engagement


  • Commercial Landscape Assessment
  • Brand Strategy & Commercial Model
  • Launch Strategy & Planning


  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Talent Development
  • Training


  • Infrastructure Plan
  • Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Site Selection

My experience with AIM has been fantastic. They have a knowledge of the European and global market that is extensive from a supply chain standpoint…our relationship has been amazing.

Sage Therapeutics

(AIM’s) knowledge of Europe is great . They work with so many clients and have such a wide breadth of experience, that every new undertaking is something they’ve already gone through .”

Apellis Pharmaceuticals

We are very pleased with the performance of AIM and they have proven to be a major contributor to our European launch project.

GW Pharmaceuticals

AIM is a great resource for smaller companies…They’re extremely experienced and provide a lot of expertise.”


(AIM) are well experienced in supply chain…They have strong knowledge about regulatory requirements and guidelines and provide full support to a small pharmaceutical company.


(AIM) are industry experts…they know who the players are and the key success points in the industry.  They know what to look out for and have the experience you need.


AIM was selected to help define the supply chain strategy for Europe…and conduct the search, contracting, and implementation of a third party logistics partner (3PL).  AIM…has proven to be important for a successful launch of ZEJULA® and VARUBY® in the EU.

Tesaro (now part of GSK)

Our senior staff members had previous positive experiences with AIM…AIM did an excellent job and were highly capable to execute a successful launch…


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