Interim Professionals

AIM has a broad base of Professionals for all functions covering the end-to-end Supply Chain at strategic, managerial and operational levels. We can deliver specialists as well as Professionals at executive level.

Our flexible experts

Our experienced Interim Professionals always have robust experience in the Pharma, Life Science or Chemical industry. They have successfully completed their education (from BSc level up to PhD level).

They can amongst others fill in positions in the field of sr. planning, procurement, manufacturing, operations, Supply Chain management, logistics.

We can both fill positions due to temporary unavailability of employees or provide you with managerial project and program capabilities to help improve vital parts of your organization.

A candidate that fits with your organization

We understand the importance of ‘chemistry’ between our professional and your organization. We believe in the right balance amidst people and processes to act successfully.

Thanks to the wide diversity of Interim Professionals in our portfolio, we usually succeed in finding people with the profiles that are best for your organization. We aim to agree on a defined time frame and unambiguous targets and results.

Get the job done

We offer our clients the highest quality in a result-driven and cost-efficient manner.

We want to ensure that results are achieved as agreed upon. Therefore, intermittent evaluations will take place between our client and the Interim Professional. A member of the AIM core team will be present during the meeting. Throughout the entire assignment, the performance of the Interim Professional is thoroughly monitored and evaluated.