October 27, 2021

Webinar – Launching a First Product in Europe: The Supply Chain Perspective


October 27, 2021 – 11:00 am ET

Creating a flawless and efficient supply chain is fundamental to the success of any first launch in Europe.  Legislation is slowly beginning to harmonize across the EU and service providers are improving their capabilities, but there are still many local factors to consider.  In addition, there are many “moving parts” that are often overlooked until it’s too late.

This webinar will identify and address the critical aspects that companies must consider when creating a distribution and financial infrastructure in Europe.  Our expert panel will share their experiences, as well as discuss the key benchmarks and pitfalls on the journey to building the optimal supply chain infrastructure.


Pim van der Aar, Co-Founder & Managing Director, AIM


Christian Ellereit
Head of Finance, Europe, Travere Therapeutics

Ronald van Zitteren
Principal, AIM

Joop Wijdeven
Associate, AIM

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