Pharma and Life Science Supply Chains are in a period of major transition. There is an increased focus on compliance, cost reductions, outsourcing, service levels, efficiencies and digitalization. This forces Supply Chain executives to critically analyze their operations and to constantly seek for improvements and smarter ways to satisfy increased customer demands.

Our Consultants, with an up to date Supply Chain knowledge and extensive experience in the Pharma/Life Science industry, can improve the results in every part of your supply chain. This can stretch from balancing demand and supply in an optimum manner (S&OP) to optimizing your transportation network to identifying, contracting and implementing a new CMO (Contract Management Organization).

We also have extensive experience in managing and implementing an infrastructure that ensures compliance with the Falsified Medicine Directive (2011/62/EU), such as serialization and tamper evident packaging.

Getting started with your project

In the ‘project definition’ phase an in-company scan is sometimes required to get a full picture of the circumstances under which the assignment will be carried out. If necessary, we will raise a complementary project team, which can count on other subject matter experts within our network.

Defining the assignment

Before starting the project, we clearly define the assignment, stating the expected results, defined timelines and the intermittent evaluations. One of our principles is that upon project completion, your organization should be able to secure the results, and take further improvement steps.

Supervision during the project

During each project, we always deploy ‘shadow management’, assuring that our consultants take full advantage of all available knowledge and experience within AIM. If deemed appropriate, we will also put the knowledge of our ‘business partners’ and/or other third parties to work.