In order to launch successfully in the European market, it is vital to operate a robust, efficient, compliant and cost-effective Supply Chain that is tailored to the needs of our Clients and our Clients patients and products.

We have the proven capability and experience to design, contract, build and implement a flawless Supply Chain for all of our Clients in every segment of the Life Science industry including Controlled Drugs, Stemcell Therapies and Diagnostic Equipment and Kits. We ensure that the Supply Chain is designed for a first launch but also ready and capable to support the launch of subsequent products, regions and indications.

Our approach to Supply Chain implementation projects consists out of 5 phases and is as follows:

Strategy phase Understand Supply Chain needs Design the Supply Chain
Execution phase Select partner(s) Build the Supply Chain Implement the Supply Chain

During the Strategy phase important aspects matter such as:

      • Patients;
      • Payers;
      • Prescribers;
      • Geography;
      • Pricing;
      • Service levels;
      • Compliance;
      • Legal and Tax


We will present options as to how the Supply Chain can be designed and optimized. After approval we move into the execution phase.

Execution and implementation: 

We ensure that the right partners are being sourced and contracted on behalf of our Client. Together with the partners we will build the Supply Chain infrastructure including the necessary internal processes and procedures. After the “Build phase” extensive testing takes place to ensure a successful implementation. We further-on provide extensive launch support to warrant success.

Dedicated Consultants

Our dedicated team of Consultants are skilled Supply Chain Professionals, but they also have an extensive knowledge concerning:

      • Tax Optimization;
      • Licensing Requirements;
      • Financial Infrastructure;
      • Compliance;


In addition to our Supply Chain Professionals we also deploy dedicated experts in adjacent areas to the Supply Chain. We have experts and/or have a network of trusted partners in the field of Packaging Development, Regulatory Compliance, Contracting, Last Mile Research, CMO sourcing and qualification, Quality and IT.