Last Mile Expert

We are seeking a Last Mile Expert with experience in the biopharma industry and an advanced degree in pharmacy or related area. In this role, you will gather critical supply chain and setting-specific product use information to support designing and building the supply chain and operations infrastructure for our clients.

Essential for supply chain design is having insight in the “last mile,” which describes the combined activities, materials, and information flow relating to the processes used to prescribe, order, store, prepare, dispense, reimburse, and deliver the product at the point of use. The assessments you will execute will describe the role of the hospital physician and/or private practice physician and potentially the GP as well as the hospital and/or retail pharmacist. It also will reveal whether or not there is a need for additional services at home, etc. This information is typically gathered by interviewing healthcare professionals about analogue products and the way these products are being handled. Additional desk research may be needed to complete the findings from the interviews.

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